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Friday, February 17, 2006


T.G.I.F. and a big event was cancelled this weekend at work due to impending bad weather. YEAH. maybe a chance to catch up on housework. i can't remember the last time i stayed home on a saturday. i hope it gets as bad as they say, better chance of being "stuck" inside.

youth group wednesday night was interesting. we had a "business" meeting with all the kids. i wanted their input on upcoming events and ideas. we recently received a donation of $1200 for the youth. we are trying to decide what to do with that money, maybe buy a projector and screen. we are also about to start G-Force. does anyone have any comments are suggestions to help make this a better bible study? my older youth are going to try to be the captains.

we are also starting Flood for the older youth. any suggestions or opinions here?

also planning a pj party, only this one has a twist. we had a pj party before and everyone had a great time. this time i want to use the "pj" part of the pj party to corrilate with the importance of a "prayer journal" or "spiritual journal".

i am also planning a "remote controlled car race" fund raiser event. need lots of ideas here.


Blogger hlw said...

Try Group's Transformation Stations for your PJ Party!


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