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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

meat pie on the fly

gosh, seems like i just keep posting these problems. i am so dissappointed. we, "some" of my youth group and i and "1" of my 6 student advisory committee members worked so hard sunday on our 9th annual Valentines Banquet, and only 25 people showed up. we had food for 40. it was the worst turn-out we've ever had. even the parents of more than half of the youth group didn't even show up to watch their kids perform a mystery dinner. it was free food and entertainment, no dress code, no pressure. no people. i was sad. AND get this . . .

3 of the 6 student advisory committee members ("sacm" for short) took 3 of the youth members out to eat after church instead of staying and helping the rest of us decorate and prepare for the banquet. one of the "sacm"s is the preachers wife, one is the mom of one of the youth, and one was the grandparent of one of the youth. i just couldn't believe it. we were busting our butts trying to get everything set up, and the play practiced, and the kids in costume, and they take a casual 2 hour lunch. i am eating a meat pie on the fly and running my other youth ragged. it just aint right.


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