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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

lies and tears

i wanted to write this yesterday, but didn't get to squeeze it in my day. we had more drama this weekend with the youth group. sometimes i feel more like a drama referee than a youth minister. remember, mrh and jm, the girls that lied to mrh's mom about going on the youth trip? well, they lied again this weekend and told mrh's mom that i was taking them to town to get clothes for our valentines banquet skit. only they went with one of jm's friends, (a boy! and a boy of a different race, which is a big issue in our little rural part of the world). well, mrh got caught in the lie, so she lied again and told her mom that her and jm took "my" truck to town to shop. (i was out of town on saturday.) so, guess who calls me. mrh's mom. she wanted me to know that the girls took my truck to town. she said that her daughter can no longer be with jm and family or our youth group until further notice. jm called me a few minutes later wanting to explain to me that they did not take my truck, but did go with the boy! and she didn't know what to do. crying her eyes out that her dad would not understand and she didn't know what to do. she wouldn't tell him about the boy, only that she went with a friend. we talked on for awhile and she went back home with her dad. (he had brought her over to my house so she could explain in person that she had not taken my truck).

the next morning, i asked her if she had told her dad the truth about the boy!. she said that he never asked her another question about the situation. he never spoke another word about it. nothing. well, he did tell her that she could not go out of town on her spring break, like she had planned. so, i talked to her about "the lie" and about using my name and the youth groups name in those lies to get what they wanted out of mg's family.


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