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Thursday, February 02, 2006

day after wednesday

thrusday morning. day after wednesday night bible study. where do i start . . .?

first, one of my youth, i'll call him, "the informant" because he usually feeds little morsels of information to me about what some of the others in the group are up to, told me a whopper last night. there is one student in my group, Mrh, that has strange parents (actually they all have strange parents) but this poor child hasn't much hope. She made all A's and 1 d' on her report card and is grounded for 1 month, only school and church (her catholic church). thing is, she goes to a catholic church with her parents and my church for the youth. she comes to our church on wednesday and sunday nights, and stays for about 30 minutes before her parents pick her up and take her to catholic church. anway, her folks are very strict, and this weekend she told them a big lie. she told them that she was going on a youth camping trip with our youth group (which we didn't do), but instead went to texas with another member of my youth group, jsa, and her family (to visit her mom in prison). Actually, she is dating, jsa's brother, jcb, behind her mom's back. he didn't go with them this weekend, so at least he wasn't with her all weekend. mrh lives 2 houses down from me. it would hav been so easy for her folks to see me driving down the road, not at a youth camping trip, and catching her in this lie. my, my, my, whatever shall i do?

second, the pastors wife, also a childrens sunday school teacher, and very vocal and opinionated member of my "youth advisory committee" , informed me last night that she doesn't want to teach ss anymore. in fact, she doesn't want to be a "planning and doing" part of any of the events at the church. she feels like she just needs a break. she feels inadequate and like she is not doing a good enough job.

so there, that's my update for now. need to get back to the working part of this day.

just when you think things are running smoothly, BAM, you hit a log in the water that you didn't see.


Blogger Da Youth Guy said...

Hey Julie,
Welcome to the ring first of all.

Second, yeah ain't life grand? It's amazing how you feel like everything is just cruising along so nice and calm then BLAMMO!

As for your young lady I'd probably want to talk about the lie. Not only how it affects her and her relationship with her parents but how it affects you too. Not sure how you approach it since the "informant" told you but keep your eyes and ears open.

As for the pastor's wife, maybe ask her to help you transition to other leaders, get her input on who could step into her place? Hard to say, the life of a pastor's wife can be rough.

Good luck

12:24 PM  

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