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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

as days go by

well, just like my handwritten journal history, i haven't posted in a few days. busy, busy, busy. i saw jv (see post titled jv) this past weekend. keep praying for him. he is not in school anymore, he found out that since he got suspended while in the g.e.d. program, he can not return. that doesn't make any since to me. i asked if he had gotten baptized, and he mumbled a negative answer.

jm, a 16 year old girl in my youth group, that spends alot of time at my house (she came over last wed. nite after church, and i carried her home on sunday nite) asked if she could move in with us. she says she hates going home and loves being at my house. seems to be a common thing at my house. they come over, spend some time here, and don't want to go.

work at the arenas is not good. my dad, who happens to be my boss, who happens to be working in south louisiana (not because he cares so much for the people, but for the money he can make down there) is being hard headed as usual. we (my sister and I, who both work for him) can't make a decision on our own, and don't like the ones he makes. i have decided to start pulling my input and presence out of that place (am working from home today). it goes way deeper than i can spend time typing here, but i know i am in a dead end place, and wasting my time trying to make it work.

we went to a barrel race friday night. my second horse, who has only been to one other barrel race, won $67. it wasn't a great run, but i know he has the speed and ability to be a winner, he is just waiting on me to catch up.

well, guess i better get to work, i have so much to do today. we have a valentine's banquet this weekend, and i am not prepared.



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