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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"guess who i am"

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bound by blood

Jessica and brother Russel at my house. Cool kids in my youth group. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 30, 2006


why do i feel the need to blog? i started a blogsite last wednesday, and this is the first chance that i have had to actually post anything. i do not have the gift of gab and i keep most of my personal thoughts, well, personal. but this seems to be the new thing to do, so i thought i would give it a shot. i have been reading some other blogs, and i feel quite inadequate about starting my own. but here goes my first topic, since it has been on my mind ever since the moment i met "the topic" . . .

i'll call him "jv" to keep his identity personal. jv is 17, he is in a 9th grade g.e.d. program at his school (the last grade he completed was the 8th). he has been in youth homes for the last 2 years, and is currently in a foster home in my home town. he was adopted by a family when he was very young, maybe 2, and lived with them for about 8 years. they decided to give him back to the state (don't know the details why). he has been kicked out of several youth homes. he was arrested for battery some time back. jv has been living with his new foster family since dec. 10th, only been at school 2 weeks, and was suspended for fighting. he "claims" he didn't start it. they "claim" he just walked up to this kid and began to punch him. his foster mom says she doesn't know what to believe, told him they are going to get past this, forget it, and start over again. in order for him to remain in her home, he has to go to school. he told me he didn't think he would ever be smart enough to even pass the g.e.d. test. he is so "damaged" by the life he has been delt and my heart went out to him. he is very immature for 17. he only sees things one way, its like he is stuck in this vortex of defeat, lies, and dissalusion. he has run away from homes, and families, and he said, "sometimes i want to run away and just lay down somewhere and see if anyone will come to save me."

i talked to jv for nearly an hour yesterday. i asked him where he got the black eye and things started from there. i invited him to come to our church, and he said that he was getting baptized soon. we talked about his decision, i told him that with God in his heart, he should try to handle the confrontations at school better. "he asked if you could get baptized two times, in case this one wasn't real or he messed up again after". we talked about praying, he asked, "what good would that do, if i ask God to let me pass the g.e.d. test, would He"?

i hope to get to see him more. i have lifted up prayers for him every time he crosses my mind which is quite often. if anyone reads this, please pray for jv and for those around him to be what he needs to find his place in this life and with God.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

my first post

hello. my name is julie and i am a new blogger. more to come. later.