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Thursday, March 23, 2006

new pics

Friday, February 17, 2006


T.G.I.F. and a big event was cancelled this weekend at work due to impending bad weather. YEAH. maybe a chance to catch up on housework. i can't remember the last time i stayed home on a saturday. i hope it gets as bad as they say, better chance of being "stuck" inside.

youth group wednesday night was interesting. we had a "business" meeting with all the kids. i wanted their input on upcoming events and ideas. we recently received a donation of $1200 for the youth. we are trying to decide what to do with that money, maybe buy a projector and screen. we are also about to start G-Force. does anyone have any comments are suggestions to help make this a better bible study? my older youth are going to try to be the captains.

we are also starting Flood for the older youth. any suggestions or opinions here?

also planning a pj party, only this one has a twist. we had a pj party before and everyone had a great time. this time i want to use the "pj" part of the pj party to corrilate with the importance of a "prayer journal" or "spiritual journal".

i am also planning a "remote controlled car race" fund raiser event. need lots of ideas here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

meat pie on the fly

gosh, seems like i just keep posting these problems. i am so dissappointed. we, "some" of my youth group and i and "1" of my 6 student advisory committee members worked so hard sunday on our 9th annual Valentines Banquet, and only 25 people showed up. we had food for 40. it was the worst turn-out we've ever had. even the parents of more than half of the youth group didn't even show up to watch their kids perform a mystery dinner. it was free food and entertainment, no dress code, no pressure. no people. i was sad. AND get this . . .

3 of the 6 student advisory committee members ("sacm" for short) took 3 of the youth members out to eat after church instead of staying and helping the rest of us decorate and prepare for the banquet. one of the "sacm"s is the preachers wife, one is the mom of one of the youth, and one was the grandparent of one of the youth. i just couldn't believe it. we were busting our butts trying to get everything set up, and the play practiced, and the kids in costume, and they take a casual 2 hour lunch. i am eating a meat pie on the fly and running my other youth ragged. it just aint right.

lies and tears

i wanted to write this yesterday, but didn't get to squeeze it in my day. we had more drama this weekend with the youth group. sometimes i feel more like a drama referee than a youth minister. remember, mrh and jm, the girls that lied to mrh's mom about going on the youth trip? well, they lied again this weekend and told mrh's mom that i was taking them to town to get clothes for our valentines banquet skit. only they went with one of jm's friends, (a boy! and a boy of a different race, which is a big issue in our little rural part of the world). well, mrh got caught in the lie, so she lied again and told her mom that her and jm took "my" truck to town to shop. (i was out of town on saturday.) so, guess who calls me. mrh's mom. she wanted me to know that the girls took my truck to town. she said that her daughter can no longer be with jm and family or our youth group until further notice. jm called me a few minutes later wanting to explain to me that they did not take my truck, but did go with the boy! and she didn't know what to do. crying her eyes out that her dad would not understand and she didn't know what to do. she wouldn't tell him about the boy, only that she went with a friend. we talked on for awhile and she went back home with her dad. (he had brought her over to my house so she could explain in person that she had not taken my truck).

the next morning, i asked her if she had told her dad the truth about the boy!. she said that he never asked her another question about the situation. he never spoke another word about it. nothing. well, he did tell her that she could not go out of town on her spring break, like she had planned. so, i talked to her about "the lie" and about using my name and the youth groups name in those lies to get what they wanted out of mg's family.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

as days go by

well, just like my handwritten journal history, i haven't posted in a few days. busy, busy, busy. i saw jv (see post titled jv) this past weekend. keep praying for him. he is not in school anymore, he found out that since he got suspended while in the g.e.d. program, he can not return. that doesn't make any since to me. i asked if he had gotten baptized, and he mumbled a negative answer.

jm, a 16 year old girl in my youth group, that spends alot of time at my house (she came over last wed. nite after church, and i carried her home on sunday nite) asked if she could move in with us. she says she hates going home and loves being at my house. seems to be a common thing at my house. they come over, spend some time here, and don't want to go.

work at the arenas is not good. my dad, who happens to be my boss, who happens to be working in south louisiana (not because he cares so much for the people, but for the money he can make down there) is being hard headed as usual. we (my sister and I, who both work for him) can't make a decision on our own, and don't like the ones he makes. i have decided to start pulling my input and presence out of that place (am working from home today). it goes way deeper than i can spend time typing here, but i know i am in a dead end place, and wasting my time trying to make it work.

we went to a barrel race friday night. my second horse, who has only been to one other barrel race, won $67. it wasn't a great run, but i know he has the speed and ability to be a winner, he is just waiting on me to catch up.

well, guess i better get to work, i have so much to do today. we have a valentine's banquet this weekend, and i am not prepared.


Thursday, February 02, 2006


a very talented cousin that loves to sing praises to God. Posted by Picasa

"katie and paint"

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day after wednesday

thrusday morning. day after wednesday night bible study. where do i start . . .?

first, one of my youth, i'll call him, "the informant" because he usually feeds little morsels of information to me about what some of the others in the group are up to, told me a whopper last night. there is one student in my group, Mrh, that has strange parents (actually they all have strange parents) but this poor child hasn't much hope. She made all A's and 1 d' on her report card and is grounded for 1 month, only school and church (her catholic church). thing is, she goes to a catholic church with her parents and my church for the youth. she comes to our church on wednesday and sunday nights, and stays for about 30 minutes before her parents pick her up and take her to catholic church. anway, her folks are very strict, and this weekend she told them a big lie. she told them that she was going on a youth camping trip with our youth group (which we didn't do), but instead went to texas with another member of my youth group, jsa, and her family (to visit her mom in prison). Actually, she is dating, jsa's brother, jcb, behind her mom's back. he didn't go with them this weekend, so at least he wasn't with her all weekend. mrh lives 2 houses down from me. it would hav been so easy for her folks to see me driving down the road, not at a youth camping trip, and catching her in this lie. my, my, my, whatever shall i do?

second, the pastors wife, also a childrens sunday school teacher, and very vocal and opinionated member of my "youth advisory committee" , informed me last night that she doesn't want to teach ss anymore. in fact, she doesn't want to be a "planning and doing" part of any of the events at the church. she feels like she just needs a break. she feels inadequate and like she is not doing a good enough job.

so there, that's my update for now. need to get back to the working part of this day.

just when you think things are running smoothly, BAM, you hit a log in the water that you didn't see.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Another cousin in Florida 05. Posted by Picasa


My cousin, Rebecca, on our annual family reunion trip to Florida. Taken in 2005. Posted by Picasa

Oh, Happy Day

wow, this thing really does work. already i have met 2 new people. and i thank them for their kind comments. i don't have much time to post just now, as i have a horse to ride. actually, i am getting paid to ride this horse for someone else. YEAAHH. two dreams have come true for me in just 2 weeks. i was handsomely rewarded for some pictures that i took of a horse for his owner, and i am getting paid to ride a horse. it is cool to get paid for doing something that I love doing (photography and horses and photographing horses). Ah, the American Dream. Ah, God does answer prayers! here are a few more of my photos. enjoy.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"guess who i am"

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bound by blood

Jessica and brother Russel at my house. Cool kids in my youth group. Posted by Picasa